Friday, March 30, 2012

Walgreen's - Great Deals Today

It's a great day for couponing at Walgreens!! Don't miss this opportunity to save. Head over to Moms By Heart and check our her well detailed list of how to grab some great deals today.  I have $8 in RR waiting in my wallet for the trip so I'm already ahead!! 

If you want to roll your RR rewards and make several purchases try making a list where you place how much you spend and how much you get in RR and then figure out how to group your order where you spend the least amount out of your pocket.  Looking at my totals, plus my $8 in RR that I received previously, it looks like I'll only be paying about $1.00 for 2 tubes of Colgate, 1 Coppertone, 2 Kotex products and 1 Mentholatum pain relief gel. 

If you've been waiting because it feels overwhelming, then today is your day!!! Go ahead and give it a try!! You'll get better at it with every purchase, I promise!!

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