Thursday, May 17, 2012

31 Days to Impress Your Kids

31 days to change

Head over to Impress Your Kids and check out her 31 posts for a month's worth of challenges to nurture your child. Here's a peek:

I heard in a sermon once that God is not moved by need. If he were, there would be no starving children, no rape, no miscarriage and no heartbreak. Instead, God is moved by prayer. And when we pray in line with His powerful, double-edged Word, He moves. My little prayers move God to do miracles in my children’s lives. Miracles that might take place in their heart when they are 30 years old, or with their best friend in 1st grade, or in their marriage, or when they are driving on a snowy road or on their first day on a college campus.

So today? The first day of our 31 days? Let’s pray.

I have to admit that I became teary eyed when I read this first challenge.  How merciful is our God that He listens when we call on Him on behalf of our children!!  Everyday when my 2 little boys step out of the car I pray God guides them and helps them in the decisions they make.  When you pray you hold a mighty weapon in your hands!!  You'll never know the mountains moved by a praying mother!!! Enjoy her posts...I know I did!!

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