Thursday, September 20, 2012

Announcing: Feature Friday

I am excited to announce a new addition to Mimi's Meals and Deals.  Starting tomorrow I will feature a small local business and their products.  It will range from stay-at-home moms with an Etsy shop, mom and pop restaurants and just someone trying to get their business off the ground.  If you know my husband and I well then you know we are huge supporters of small business.  We would rather support a mom and pop store any day than hand our money to huge corporations just looking to make a dollar.  As soon as we see a small family owned restaurant open we will be knocking down your door to give it a try.  We also do our best to shop in small locally owned shops including garages, produce stands and gift stores.  Small business is the foundation of our country and we as proud Americans should be doing our best to support each person who steps out on faith for their family.  Tomorrow I will be featuring a very sweet stay-at-home mom who sells homemade soaps.  I am so excited!!!

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