Friday, September 21, 2012

Feature Friday...Putting Small Business in the Limelight

I am proud to introduce the Carolina Soap Lady....Angie Gibson.  Angie is from Landrum, SC and sells handmade soaps.  We had the pleasure of being introduced to Angie's soaps this past Christmas when she gifted my boys a fish in a bag soap.  They absolutely loved them and I love that they are pure, natural and handmade.  They would make fabulous stocking stuffers!!
Here is what Angie had to say:
** Why did you start your business?
I started making my own soaps when my oldest daughter was 2 yrs. old. She had a terrible time with eczema, and after the dermatologist put her on steroid creams I began searching for a better solution for her. I found that all natural vegan glycerin soap with no added dyes or fragrances worked great for her! I then started making the clear glycerin soap in fun ways like my fish in a bag soap and before long I started selling them at craft shows, then later I opened my own web store through Etsy to sell them!
** How long have you been in business?
 I have been making and selling soaps for 10 yrs.
** What is your biggest seller?
My fish in a bag soaps are my biggest seller, everyone loves the look of the cute little goldfish made to look like he is swimming in water!
** What is your favorite food?
 Seafood! I love shrimp!!
** What is your money saving tip?
As a soaper, my best money saving tip is to have a wooden soap deck to sit your soap bars on.The wooden soap decks have ridges that allow air to circulate under the soap bars this helps the bars to dry between uses which will prolong the life of your soap! Too many people sit their soap bars in the shower and then the poor bars are melted away from all the water!
** Tell me a little more about yourself....
I am the daughter of a Baptist preacher and the wife of a Baptist preacher. I thank God for every opportunity that he has given me in life. I know that without His blessings I would have nothing.
I am a stay home mom to 3 wonderful children, my oldest is Jacob, he is my 16 yr. old fun loving football player, my middle child is Hannah, she is 12 yrs old and she is my beautiful animal lover and friend to every dog on our block, my baby is my 6 yr. old daughter Sarah, she is my little artist that paints my world! I am happily married to my husband Joey we have been married for 18 yrs. He is my encouragement, my help, and my partner in this business. I absolutely could not do this without him! Together we are the Gibson Gang!
To see more soaps offered by Angie head over to The Carolina Soap Lady.  I am in love with the Fish in a bag!!!

1 Dozen Fish in a Bag Soaps Great Party Favors                                                                         

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