Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jack O' Lantern Cookie Pops

Well just look at that cutie-pa-tootie!!!!!  This cookie pop would be so much fun to eat.  Head over to Eighteen25 and check out the recipe and step by step instructions by Sweet Sugar Belle.

To make these cookie you will need:
If you decide to use green popsicle sticks it's best to color them first. Spread them out on a cookie sheet, mist with Wilton airbrush spray and let dry.
Next, make a batch of sugar cookie dough. You can find my recipe HERE but if you already have a fave, it will work just fine. Color the dough with gel icing color, available at most craft stores, using as much as you need to get the intensity you desire.
Once the dough is mixed use a cookie scoop to measure the dough into equal amounts. Roll into balls and insert a popsicle stick.  Use your hand or a floured glass to mash them to about half an inch thick.
Bake, then let them cool completely.
After cooling, they cookies are ready to decorate. The possibilities are endless. I went with happy little jack o' lantern faces. I'm a little OCD so I used a Halloween cookie stencil and an edible marker to outline the designs before hand.

I used my royal icing recipe because it dries hard so I can package the cookies and add little details like the stem , but you could definitely use the pre-colored tubes from the grocery store.

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