Thursday, October 4, 2012


For as long as I can remember I have been pulling up a chair to my Nanny's counter to help her make biscuits.  This tradition has been passed down to her great-grandchildren.  My beautiful niece, Savannah, is pictured above with her hands in the flour bowl.  I have watched my Nanny turn flour, buttermilk and lard..that's a true southern ingredient and if you don't know what it is I feel sorry for your kitchen...into a pan full of biscuits time and time again.  You would think with all the years of practice and first hand observation I would be able to whip them things up in no time. Unfortunately, the secret to my Nanny's biscuits obviously lies in her sweet hands. You see I have tried, and failed, many times at making her beloved biscuits and I have come to the conclusion I will never get them quite right.  My husband will say "Oh yeah, that's close" but to me they are a mile away. In all my years I have never had a biscuit like my Nanny's and no one else makes me a "edge" biscuit to call my own.  Now that I have settled that I must move on and try a new recipe, I gave her a go and found a sweet little recipe.

Not the prettiest looking biscuits but they were wonderfully yummy...especially with chocolate gravy...but that's other post!!
Head on over to Southern Plate and check out her very detailed step by step instructions and recipe.  This will definitely be a repeat in my house!!

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