Thursday, September 12, 2013

SC Campground Cookoff

Well I'll be....A campground cook-off.  We LOVE to camp and by "We" I mean my whole extended family.  I'm thinking this may be just the opportunity for the men in our family to show off their grilling skills.  Here's what they have to say...
The South Carolina Campground Cookoff will be held September 20-22, 2013 at Calhoun Falls State Park in Calhoun Falls, SC.
There is a definite art to cooking over charcoal or wood, especially if you have to contend with delightful aromas that drift by from campsite to campsite on a cool autumn morning coming off a lake. Such can be the story of campers who converge on Lake Richard B. Russell in Calhoun Falls, SC, for the annual South Carolina Campground Cookoff produced by the Old 96 District Tourism Commission. The event showcases the best of the best in campfire cooking and is in partnership with the Parks Division of the SC Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism.
Head on over here and check it out!!

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